A New Kitchen

A New Kitchen

  • 3 DIY French Door Repair Tips

    French doors add an elegant touch to any home, and they can have a very long lifespan if they are properly maintained. Knowing how to repair common problems with french doors can save you hundreds in professional repairs and replacement doors. Here are three step-by-step french door repair tips. Sagging Doors French doors will inevitably begin to sag over the years, most often due to stress on the hinges. Eventually, the hinge screws will start to work loose or the hinges themselves will become fatigued and slope downward.

  • Simple Ways To Make Your Garage More Eco-Friendly

    In an attempt to be as environmentally conscious as possible, many Americans are overhauling their home's interior. If you've already installed low flow toilets throughout your home or invested in pricey energy efficient appliances, you might assume that you have the most eco-concious home on the block. However, when it comes to transforming your entire property, there is one structure that many overlook: the garage. Luckily, there are many ways you can make your garage more eco-friendly:

  • 5 Tricks For Increasing The Chances Of Success With A Basement Wall Refinishing Project

    While you could hang drywall or wood paneling to finish your basement walls, sometimes a fresh and smooth coat of cement and a layer of paint provides a more modern and affordable alternative. Of course, you need the right materials and plenty of experience to get the walls looking clean and even. Try these five tricks if you plan to take the DIY refinishing approach. Patch and Bond First As with all other home improvement projects, the amount of time you spend on preparing your wall surface directly increases the chances of a successful and attractive resurfacing.

  • Two Waterproofing Techniques To Invest In Along With Your Drain Tile

    If your basement frequently floods and the soil directly outside your home seems drenched most of the time, then you likely have a drainage issue that needs to be sorted out. A construction expert can add a french drain or a drain tile to your property to assist with this. The drain tile will involve the placement of gravel close to the foundation line. A PVC pipe with a variety of holes will be added over the gravel and this pipe will be connected to another that moves water away from your home once it enters the pipe.

  • A Surprising Necessity For Your Garage Band – Spray Foam Insulation

    If you've got a garage band, it's a safe bet that you spend a lot of time holed up in your garage practicing and performing. While most musicians know the essentials of a good band – the best brand of instruments, a few good vocalists, handy water bottles, staff paper, comfy chairs, extra drumsticks, etc. – one necessity for the garage is often overlooked. It's called spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is a great asset to your musical career.

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