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A New Kitchen

3 Awesome Hidden Storage Ideas For Your Home Renovation Projects

Elizabeth Mendoza

When you are doing home renovations, there is one problem you will always come across; there can never be enough storage. With hidden storage solutions like murphy beds, recessed shelving, and small drawers in cabinetry, you will have more storage for your renovation projects. Here are some awesome hidden storage ideas to save space when you do home remodeling projects.

1. Hidden Sleeping and Storage Space with a Murphy Bed

If you have a limited amount of space to work with, a murphy bed is a great solution. It can be a sleeping area when you need it as well as extra storage. Use murphy bed designs that include shelving behind the bed as well as cabinetry systems on either side of the unit. This is a great way to save floor space, as well as give you extra hidden storage and room where you need it. Murphy beds are a great solution for areas like children's bedrooms, extra space for guests, or for use in small home and cabin designs.

2. Installing Hidden Storage and Organization Systems in Cabinetry

Cabinetry that you install in areas like kitchens and bathrooms is also a great area to add hidden storage to your home. You may want to consider features like small flip-out drawers in front of areas like sinks, which give space for small items like kitchen utensils. In addition, you may want to consider adding organization systems for areas like kitchens, which will help save space by keeping things organized better. Talk with the cabinetry service about adding hidden storage to cabinets in any available space, which is often dead, empty space with conventional cabinet designs.

3. Recessed Wall Storage for Home Renovation Projects

Another option for storage that you will want to consider when doing home renovations. Consider features like niches, which can have custom finishes with arches and trim, and are great for displaying knickknacks and collectibles. You may also want to have recessed shelving in cabinetry features in areas like bathrooms, which will help to reduce the conventional cabinetry that you need and give you more floor space in an area of your home that is usually smaller than other rooms.

These are some hidden storage and space-saving ideas that you will want to consider when doing home remodeling. If you are ready for improvements to your home, contact a remodeling service and talk with them about including some of these storage solutions in the plans. 


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