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Benefits Of Having A Heated Garage Connected To Your Custom Home

Elizabeth Mendoza

The garage is an integral part of any house. When you're designing a custom home with a local builder, it's important to think about the features that you want the garage to have, as your builder will be constructing this space, too. While its size might be the first thing that you evaluate, give some thought to whether you want the garage to be heated. This is especially a useful feature for those who live in climates with cold winters. Your custom home builder can heat your garage in a variety of ways, and this may quickly become one of the home's features that you appreciate the most. Here are some benefits of choosing a heated garage for your custom home.

It Will Clean Off Your Car

One of the best things that you'll like about having a heated garage is how the snow and ice will melt off your car when you park the vehicle in the garage overnight. During inclement weather, it's common to get home with your vehicle caked in snow and ice. Any garage prevents further precipitation from landing on the vehicle, but an unheated garage will leave your vehicle just as covered in ice and snow the following morning when you're ready to go to work. A heated garage will slowly melt the ice and snow away, allowing it to run into a drain in the floor.

It Offers More Food Storage Space

If you have a large family and are always looking for extra space to store food, setting up some shelves in the garage can be a good idea. This is especially true if you're designing your custom home so that the kitchen is close to the garage. When you're cooking, it can be easy to step out into the garage to retrieve some cans or bottles. In an unheated garage, you'll need to be careful about what you store during the winter. During subzero temperatures, an unheated garage can get cold enough that liquids in bottles can freeze — causing the bottles to break. This won't be a concern in a heated garage.

It Makes The Space More Livable

The garage of your custom home can be a good place to set up an area for one of your hobbies or even to have your children play a sport such as hockey when it's too cold to play outside. Neither scenario will be particularly appealing in a cold garage, however. When you opt to heat your garage, you immediately make this space more livable during the cold months of winter.

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