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A New Kitchen

Answering Basic Questions About Land Surveys

Elizabeth Mendoza

Making sure that the property boundaries are clearly and accurately understood is a key step, when buying real estate. However, it can be almost impossible for an untrained person to know that the boundaries to the property are, as stated in the description of the listing, without using a land survey provider. While these professionals fulfill a role that essential for modern real estate transactions and disputes, their services may not be as well-understood as individuals would assume.

What Can Happen If You Fail To Have A Land Survey Done?

There can be many liabilities that may arise, if a person fails to have their property fully evaluated and surveyed. For example, you may inadvertently violate the property boundaries of your neighbors, which can lead to you being liable for repairs. Additionally, buying a property without accurately understanding the property boundaries can lead to you overpaying for this asset, as it may prove to be smaller than you had originally understood. Due to the value of this information, you should always wait to formally purchase a property until the survey has been completed and the boundaries confirmed.

Are All Land Surveys The Same?

As with many other professional services, individuals will have a range of providers that they can choose. Unfortunately, some people may not realize that there are different types of land surveys that can be done. When individuals are wanting to ensure that their survey is as comprehensive as possible while also adhering to industry standards, it is important to opt for an ALTA land survey. This type of survey is far more detailed than most other types of surveys, which will add to the time needed for it to be completed. However, it will also provide a far more holistic understanding of the property boundaries so that you can be as informed as possible. A company like PLCS Corporation will be able to take care of such a survey.

How Do You Prepare To Have Your Property Professionally Surveyed?

There are many steps that will need to go into having a property professionally surveyed. However, a homeowner will not typically have a lot to do, in order to prepare the property for a land survey. In most instances, it will only be necessary for the property to be made easily accessible by the surveyor. This will include giving them a key or leaving gates open. Additionally, these professionals will need copies of the property title, descriptions, and other documentation, as these will be needed to research the formal boundaries for the property.


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