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How A Storm Can Damage Aluminum Siding And The Repairs That Might Be Needed

Elizabeth Mendoza

A storm with hail and strong wind can damage a lot of building materials, including aluminum siding. If you inspect your home after a storm and see problems with the siding, call your insurance company to see if you can get help with the repairs. Then you'll want to find a contractor that offers siding services to determine the way to repair the siding or replace it. Here are some types of damage a storm can do to aluminum siding and the repairs that might be needed.

How A Storm Can Damage Aluminum Siding

Strong wind is hard on aluminum siding. The wind can catch the panels and bend them back or rip them off of your house completely. This type of damage goes beyond cosmetic damage and it needs to be repaired quickly to keep your home dry and protected. Strong wind can also hurl objects against the side of your house. This can result in huge dents in the aluminum panels. If the dents are large enough, they may allow rain to leak behind the panels and cause water damage, so the damaged panels should be replaced.

Hail can also dent aluminum siding. Small hail makes tiny dents that are often difficult to see on textured panels. In some cases, hail dents are only cosmetic and don't affect how well the siding will continue to protect your home. However, you don't want siding peppered with dents, so you'll probably want to call a siding contractor for repairs.

What Type Of Siding Repairs May Be Needed

The first step is to determine the extent of the repairs. It's possible to repair dents, scratches, and holes in aluminum siding, but if the entire side of your house is affected, it may not be practical to repair all the small damaged areas individually. The contractor might recommend that you replace the damaged panels with new ones. This is especially important for panels that are no longer flat and able to protect your house from rain. You may want to do a combination of repairs that includes replacing badly damaged panels and repairing ones yourself that have minor dents and scratches.

Dents can sometimes be pulled out or filled in, sanded down, and painted over. Scratches and holes can also be filled in and painted. The advantage of keeping the original panels when you're able to make repairs is that you won't have to deal with new panels having colors that don't match well. However, the most important thing is making sure damaged panels are replaced if they can't protect your house any longer.

A siding contractor can replace those panels with siding that is a close match in color. Your contractor may also work with your insurance company to figure out how much siding can be replaced so your home is restored to its original condition. Contact a company like Weather-Tek Home Remodeling Center for more information.


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