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Learn About The Limit Switch In Your Furnace And The Signs When It Goes Bad

Elizabeth Mendoza

One common reason for heating repair is a bad limit switch. A limit switch is a small part, but it has a big role in the operation of your furnace. A limit switch can even prevent furnace damage and protect your family from a carbon monoxide leak. Here's how a limit switch works and signs it might be bad.

The Purpose Of The Furnace Limit Switch

The limit switch turns on and off based on the temperature in the furnace. When your furnace first kicks on and starts warming air, the blower doesn't start up right away. Instead, the limit switch turns the blower on when the air in the furnace has reached a certain temperature. That way, warm air blows out the registers rather than an initial blast of cooler air. When the furnace stops heating, the blower doesn't turn off right away. Instead, it keeps working until all the warm air is out of the furnace and the temperature drops. When the limit switch detects the drop in temperature, it shuts off the blower.

Signs Of A Bad Limit Switch

When the limit switch goes bad, it has trouble detecting temperature changes. One common result is that the switch stops turning off the blower. When you notice the blower on your furnace running continually, it could be that the limit switch has gone bad. The limit switch might also keep your blower from turning on. If your home is colder than usual and you can't get the blower to come on, it might be a bad limit switch, or it might be that the limit switch is protecting the furnace.

The limit switch keeps the blower off when the furnace overheats. Overheating could cause a crack that destroys the furnace and allows carbon monoxide to leak out. A furnace can overheat due to issues with the blower or from dust and a clogged filter. This problem might require more extensive heating repairs than simply replacing the limit switch. A heating repair professional will test the limit switch to determine if it's the cause of your furnace malfunction.

It's easy to take a furnace for granted and push it to keep working day after day in the winter. However, it's important to take good care of the furnace so that you prevent unnecessary damage and so you keep your family safe. Call a repair service at the first signs of furnace trouble. A bad limit switch can be replaced with a new one, and your furnace will get back to keeping you warm.

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