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3 Reasons Your Well Water System May Have Low Water Pressure

Elizabeth Mendoza

There are many advantages to having your own water well system. Municipal water is expensive in comparison. It also has added chemicals to worry about. It frequently has fluoride added to it, too, which isn't necessarily a good thing. People with municipal water often make the mistake of assuming their water is safe, too, but the situation in Flint, Michigan, reminded everyone this isn't necessarily the case. The municipal water supply can also easily fall prey to domestic terrorism. Additionally, it doesn't always taste that great. With your own well water supply, you can carefully monitor your water quality, and it won't cost you nearly as much.  

Unfortunately, a well water system isn't completely without problems, although they are usually less severe. Low pressure is a common problem in well water systems. Here are three possible causes to consider if your water pressure isn't where you want it to be.

You Have An Old-School Pressure Tank

Your pressure tank is where water is held until it is needed. With an older galvanized pressure tank, it is easy for the water level to become too high. When the water level is too high, it doesn't have the air pressure it needs to help keep the water pressure in balance. When the tank has too much water in it, the water pump will turn off and on, trying to fix the level. This tends to happen more when you are using a lot of water. For example, if you are taking a shower and doing a load of laundry at the same time, you will feel the water coming from your shower head alternate from low pressure back to high pressure. Your well water contractor may be able to equalize the water pressure again, but many times, it is best to replace the old tank with a newer bladder tank as this type of tank doesn't typically suffer this problem.

You Need A New Pump

A well water system pump can last 20 years or more, but this isn't always a guarantee. In areas where the water is really high in mineral content, the mineral salts can gradually clog the working parts of your pump. The continuous cycling of a pump in a tank that has become out of balance will also contribute to its demise. If the pump seems to be constantly running in a desperate measure to keep up, it's likely time for a new one.

Your Pipes Are Clogged

Rather than an issue with the well water system itself, it could be your pipes are narrowing, which can reduce the pressure. This is likely the case if you notice a problem only in one room. The extra sediments in hard water, or water with a high mineral content, is often the culprit. Your contractor can test the pressure in your main pipes and tributaries to pinpoint the problem.

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