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Questions To Ask Yourself When Contemplating A Walk-Out Basement

Elizabeth Mendoza

A walk-out basement might be something that you're thinking about during the early days of planning a custom home build. Your residential home contractors can talk about your wishes for this type of layout and then show you examples of past projects to further help you to make up your mind. Some homeowners couldn't live without their walk-out basements, while others prefer more of a traditional basement design. Before you make up your mind about how you'll proceed, here are some questions to ask yourself.

What Reasons Do You Have For Wanting A Walk-Out?

It's important to assess why you may be leaning toward having a walk-out basement as part of your custom home. A good way to answer this question is to think about how you intend to use the basement and the space immediately outside of it. For example, if you'll eventually be adding an in-ground swimming pool directly behind your house, and you plan to have a bathroom in the basement, it can make sense for a walk-out design. In this scenario, guests to your home can change in the bathroom and then easily walk straight out to the pool deck. If you can identify one or more good ways that you'll use the walk-out basement, you may want to proceed with it.

What Degree Of Privacy Do You Want?

A walk-out basement doesn't give you as much privacy as a traditional basement. For example, a walk-out basement may have some large windows on one side of it, as well as one or more doors. With a traditional basement, there won't be any doors, and there may be just a couple small windows. Perhaps you don't want neighbors being able to see into your basement from outside for whatever reason. If this is the case, a traditional basement may suit you. If privacy isn't a real concern, or you have plans for window coverings that will provide privacy, a walk-out basement may still be a good choice.

Will You Use The Basement As Living Space?

Some homeowners use their basement primarily as storage space and don't actually spend much time enjoying this part of the home. For others, it's important for the basement to truly offer living space. This may be the case with a smaller house, for example. If you want your basement to offer enticing living space, a walk-out design is ideal. Walk-out basements tend to be brighter because of the windows, and it may sometimes be easy to forget that you're in a basement altogether. Once you've answered these questions, you'll feel confident sharing your decision with your builder.


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