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Strengthen Your Fence Posts With Ready Mix Concrete

Elizabeth Mendoza

Is your fence damaged? Do you have a loose post that you need to replace? If so, you might be able to do it yourself. This article explains how you can reset a fence post directly into soil using ready mix concrete. It is a great DIY project for people who have a few basic tools and ability to handle the physical nature of the work.

Digging the Hole

The hardest part of this job is definitely going to be digging the hole. That is, some soil can be very difficult to dig through, and the work can be hard on your back. That being said, it isn't really rocket science. You just need to dig your hole in the right spot and make sure it is deep enough so that the post can be strong enough.

How Deep Should the Holes Be?

The required depth actually depends on how dense your soil is and how tall your fence is going to be. As a rule, it is a good idea if your post is at least 1/3 as deep as the fence is tall. So, if you are going to install a fence with a 6' tall post, you will want at least 2' feet of post within the soil. But, this does not simply mean that you need to dig 2' deep holes in the soil. It is always best if you dig a little deeper and set a little extra post in the soil. Then, you use a longer post than you need, so you can come back and cut off the top when the post is set. That is, will be nearly impossible to dig your hole to the exact right depth so that the post, once it is set, is the exact right height. So, it is best if you leave a little wiggle room and by post that are longer than you really need.

Concrete Footing

Almost every post set in soil will benefit if you pour a ready mix concrete footing around it. This is actually very simple and something that you can do directly in the hole. That is, you can pour the concrete mixture and water in the hole together around the post. You simply mix them together as the post is being held in place. When it comes to setting a new post, you will find that the work is actually very simple, even if it is a little bit physical.


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