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A New Kitchen

Three Services A Tree Contractor Can Provide

Elizabeth Mendoza

Are you in need of tree services on your property? Perhaps you have trees that need trimming, old stumps that need to be removed, or are concerned about the overall health of your trees. Whatever your specific needs are for your trees, you can hire a professional contractor or landscaping company to solve the issues. They have the right equipment and expertise to make sure that the services are handled without damage to your property or neighbor's property. They may even spot issues that you didn't even know you had and correct them.

Tree Health

The most important thing is keeping your trees healthy. Tree services can consist of many different methods to ensure that the trees on your property receive the best care possible. Some of these methods include:

Root crown – This area of the tree is by far the most sensitive. If the crown is covered by leaves or other debris, the entire tree can die. Tree specialists will clean the area around the root crown to keep the tree healthy.

Root feeding – If your tree shows signs of dying, like yellow leaves in the middle of summer, there may be an issue with the roots. A special fertilizer will be injected into the roots to revitalize them.

Emerald Ash Borer – Ash trees are dying every day due to an insect known as the Emerald Ash Borer. If your ash trees show signs of damage, your tree specialist can treat the tree with trunk injections and soil injections.


When the branches of trees get too long, they may need to be trimmed. This usually happens when the branches start to touch the house or power lines or lean over the neighbor's yard. It may also be required for branches that were broken from storms and need to be removed. It can be dangerous to attempt to cut down the branches on your own. Tree specialists have the correct tools to reach the right height and trim the trees using saws. They will also take the tree branches they cut down so you don't have a huge mess.

Tree Removal

Sometimes you may want the entire tree removed. This is quite a large job for an individual to attempt. A tree contractor can safely chop down the tree and load it onto their truck. They will even remove the stump for you so you don't have any unsightly stumps sitting in your yard.

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