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The Pros And Cons Of Resurfacing Your Pool In The Winter

Elizabeth Mendoza

If your pool has permanent stains, is developing cracks or is rough, resurfacing may be needed. Resurfacing adds a new layer to your pool that helps hide stains and cracks and makes the surface smooth again. If you need this service performed, you have to decide when you want it completed. There are different pros and cons associated with having pool repair done during different times of the year. Educating yourself on the various pros and cons will help you decide which time of the year is best for resurfacing your pool. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of resurfacing a pool during the winter months. 

The Cons of Resurfacing Your Pool in the Winter

  • Work May Be Delayed Due to Weather

One of the benefits of having your pool resurfaced in the winter is that work on your pool may be delayed due to weather. The resurfacing process may be scheduled for one day, but it may be put off due to rain, snow or freezing temperatures. If you are taking time off of work to be present when the contractors are, it can be frustrating if the process has to be cancelled and rescheduled multiple times. 

  • It Takes Longer to Cure in Winter

The other disadvantage to having your pool resurfaced in the winter is that the resurfacing material takes longer to cure or harden in the winter. You cannot add water or close off your pool until the surface is completely cured or hardened. 

The Pros of Resurfacing Your Pool in the Winter

  • You Don't Lose Out on Swimming Time

The biggest advantage to having your pool resurfaced in the winter is that you don't lose out on swim time. In order for a pool to be resurfaced, all of the water needs to be drained, the pool needs to be resurfaced, it has to be cured and then more water has to be added. This can take a week to two weeks. If you have a pool, you want to be able to use it when weather allows, and having this process done when you can't use the pool due to poor weather makes sense. 

  • It May Be Cheaper

The other benefit to resurfacing your pool during the winter is that it may be cheaper. Pool construction and repair companies have less work in the winter than the summer. As such, they may be more than willing to offer discounts or negotiate pricing when having construction or repair work done in the winter. 

If you need to have your pool resurfaced, talk to a professional pool repair company. They can help you determine when the right time is to resurface your pool based on the type of pool you have, the weather elements where you live and the availability of professional pool repair contractors.


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