A New Kitchen

A New Kitchen

3 Ways To Improve Kitchen Organization With Ease

Elizabeth Mendoza

The kitchen is one of the hardest rooms in the house to keep organized. Since you have so many utensils, pans, dishes, lids and containers to store, you could face the endless battle of trying to find exactly what you need at the time in which you need it. Below, you will find a few tips that can help you get organized in your kitchen once and for all.

Utilize Your Backsplash

Your backsplash can actually help you get organized and clear your countertops. Mountain a sturdy curtain rod could be just the fix.

Find the studs in the wall behind the backsplash using a stud-finder. Mark the studs and then drill the holes you need to mount the brackets that hold the rod in place. Position the rod and hang some hooks from it. Use those hooks to hang small baskets that can be filled with the small utensils, measuring cups, spices or whatever you need to get up off the counter.

You can use mason jars to store your sugar, coffee, teabags and flour. Use some twine to wrap around the base of the mouth of the jar and then hang each jar on the curtain rod. This will look nice and give you very easy access to the things you use daily. 

Stick Up Command Hooks

Those Command hooks are awesome for getting organized. Since they only take seconds to install and don't cause any damage when they're removed, they can be used in any home whether you own it or rent it.

Stick the hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors, on the walls or inside the cabinets themselves and you have created lots of easy storage for anything that can hang.

You can also use these hooks to mount baskets to fill with small things.

Embrace Pots and Pans

Your pots and pans don't need to be hidden in a cabinet. You don't have to dig through a pile to find the one that you need. Purchase an overhead or wall-mount rack to hang them from. This will give you easy access to the pots and pans you need and give the kitchen a homey feeling.

If these tips aren't enough to provide you with the organizational space you need in your kitchen, talk with your local kitchen renovation expert to learn more ideas about how you can enhance your kitchen and make it more user friendly. Visit a site like http://www.allphasebuildingconcepts.com for more.


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