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The Unsung Hero Of Drain Maintenance: The Net

Elizabeth Mendoza

If you want a really easy way to keep your drains cleaner and prevent slowing, there's one small item that you need to add to your drains: a drain net. These are those mesh cups that fit into the drain and act as reservoirs for all the solids that get washed into the sink. Some look like the opposite -- they're domed mesh or plastic -- and these are meant for tub or sink drains that have stoppers that pop up. If you aren't already using these, they're cheap and easy to find in stores and online. Using them will help you not only keep the drains cleaner for longer, but your sewer pipes will also benefit.

Stop Hair, and You Will Stop Many Drain Problems

Hair isn't the only thing that can clog drains, but it's certainly a major material in yucky clogs in the bathroom. These nets (including the domed ones) stop hair from slipping down the drain, where the mass can combine with soap scum and biofilm to form a horrid mess. A few individual short hairs might slip through, but most will end up inside the net or around the base if you're using a domed version. You'll still need to use your normal drain-cleaning procedures, such as baking soda and vinegar or having the drains professionally cleaned, but the frequency with which you have to do this may drop noticeably.

Save Your Ring (and Other Non-Drain Items)

A great way to prevent clogs is to stop large items from falling into the drains, and these nets get that job done well. No more worries about your wedding ring falling in, or your child placing small items down the drain; the net will stop anything larger than the holes in the mesh from entering the drain. Yes, it's possible for your child, for example, to lift up the net, but the chances of something falling down the drain are still smaller once you have that net in there.

Keep Those Little Bits Out

The mesh nets are very effective at keeping all those little bits of debris out of the drain. Things like the dried-up dot of toothpaste in the bathroom sink, or remnants of meals with small things like quinoa. While those small bits themselves aren't going to clog a drain, like hair, they combine with the gunk already in the drain. All you have to do is let those bits build up in the net over a week to see how quickly they can form a clogging mass.

The nets aren't perfect, and if you're still experiencing slow drains occasionally, call in a drain cleaning service to clear out the drains. But by adding those nets, you'll make drain maintenance a lot easier.


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