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3 Easy Tips For Your Gravel Driveway To Keep It Looking Its Best For The Long Term

Elizabeth Mendoza

If you don't yet have the funds to cover the driveway of your home with pavement, gravel is the next best thing. Gravel comes in many different forms, types, and colors, which makes it a logical and effective choice for the purpose. However, gravel driveways do also have to have a little ongoing attention if you want to make the most of it. Take a look at a few simple tips you can use to ensure your gravel drive us well taken care of and looks its best for the long term. 

Be attentive to potholes and don't let them linger. 

No matter what type of gravel you have installed or how thick it may be, eventually, you can almost guarantee a pothole will start to develop. Potholes are caused in gravel driveways by weak points in the ground beneath. These weak points can be because of moisture or lack of filler material beneath, but either way, letting a pothole sit unfixed will just allow the problem to get bigger. When you spot a pothole, no matter how small, grab a good shove and dig out the area of gravel. Use a finer material, like finely ground limestone or even sand, to fill in the spot and then compact it down with the end of the shovel. Replace the gravel on top afterwards. 

Watch out for unguided water flow. 

Gravel of just about any type can withstand some water flowing through it, but over time and with too much water, you will start to see clear paths develop in your gravel driveway. If you notice erosion problems amid the gravel, you have an excess water issue you need to track down and fix. In most cases, simply raising the level of the graveled surface will help, which means having a few extra loads of gravel brought in. However, it is also good to consider digging narrow trenches around the gravel that will help pull moisture down and away from the material. 

Get familiar with the idea that gravel will need to be consistently replaced. 

Graveling a driveway works out well. It's affordable, accessible, and easy to install. However, it does also have to be replaced every so often to keep the driveway in good condition. the rocks get washed away, thrown out of the driveway, and even carried off by animals and people. When your driveway gravel is getting a little thin, make sure you have it replaced soon. Leaving a graveled driveway without a substantial coating of rock can allow bigger problems with erosion and potholes to develop. 

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