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A New Kitchen

Advantages Of Having A Patio Cover Custom Built

Elizabeth Mendoza

If you and your family enjoy sitting on your patio but are looking for some protection from the elements, you might opt to buy a patio cover from your local big-box store. While doing so can give you the coverage you need, it's also worthwhile to consider hiring a contractor to build a custom patio cover instead. Although you'll need to take the time to evaluate a few local contractors, see examples of their past projects, and discuss your patio cover idea before actually hiring a contractor, you'll find that this extra work will pay off in the form of a better finished product. Here are some advantages of having a patio cover custom built.

A Better Match With Your Home

A key advantage to having a patio cover custom built is that it can be built to match your home and the surrounding elements. Whereas you may have trouble finding a store-bought patio cover that suits the look of the space, your contractor will be able to use materials that are a perfect fit. For example, if you have a second-level cedar deck, the ground-floor patio cover can be built out of cedar to give the area a cohesive look. If you favor a painted finish, the contractor can paint the structure to match your siding, window surrounds, or other elements of your home.

Higher Resistance To Weather

Store-bought patio covers aren't always built to last. They may include materials such as canvas, which can look good initially but fade and potentially weaken due to exposure to the sun. Over time, the canvas can tear, leaving you with an eyesore that requires replacing. Finally, the lightweight nature of a store-bought patio cover means that you may need to take it down and store it during seasons with high winds. Conversely, a contractor-built patio cover will be sturdy and offer a higher resistance to weather. Instead of a canvas top, for example, the contractor may use frosted glass panels.

Ability To Include Custom Elements

Another major advantage to a custom-built patio cover is that you have input in the end product. This means that you can work closely with your contractor to decide exactly how the patio cover will be built. For example, you may want it to have built-in bench seating that spans between the pillars, or you may want planters positioned at the base of the pillars so that you can grow climbing vines.

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