A New Kitchen

A New Kitchen

3 Ways to Get Prepared for Your Commercial Remodeling Project at Your Retail Store

Elizabeth Mendoza

If you want your retail business to stay up to date and in line with your competition, the occasional store remodel will be a necessity. Even though remodeling your retail store can be a massive feat, the keyword to getting through with little effect to your daily business is to be properly prepared in advance.

Once you have chosen a commercial contractor to take on the remodel project, it is all about getting prepared until the official start date arrives. You should do these three things to ensure your place of business is fully prepared for the minor disruption. 

Create a timeline that can later be used as a loose schedule of events. 

Remodeling a retail store can be a massive undertaking that takes several weeks, or even months to complete. This is because there are so many tasks that will take place at this time. You could be dealing with the store being painted, shelving units being rearranged, new flooring installed, new signage installed, and various other things.

To make the project seem a little less intimidating, work with the commercial contractor to come up with a timeline of events that will make the whole thing seem a little less overwhelming. Keep in mind that this schedule will be a flexible and general one, because there are always things during a store remodel that can take longer than expected. 

Make arrangements for merchandise storage on-site or off-site. 

Even though a lot of your store merchandise will be possible to rearrange during work on certain parts of the store, it will be best if you do have additional storage space available when it is needed to get some things out of the way.

Additionally, there may be a need for storage for the new store components that will eventually be used during the remodel. Therefore, it is a good idea to arrange to have at least a few storage trailers situated on the property if possible. If space does not allow storage trailers, look into nearby off-site storage. 

Brief employees on what their roles will be during the remodeling project and what they can expect. 

During a store remodel, your employees may be needed to tend to things they normally would not have to do and schedules may have to be rearranged. You may even have some departments that will be temporarily shut down for work, so these employees will have to be relocated to another area. make sure you take some time to inform your employees on the changes they can expect so they will be prepared. 


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