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A New Kitchen

3 Issues that Cause Discolored Roofing Shingles

Elizabeth Mendoza

If you have noticed that your roof looks a lot lighter since you've moved into your house, and you see very light and dark spots, you need to find a home roofing service. The changes in the roofing condition could just be common weathering, or it could indicate something more severe. The roofing issue could be a problem that has put the structure of the house in jeopardy, and it needs to be looked at right away. Here are some of the issues that you could have.

Ice Dams and Stagnate Water

If you get ice dams in the winter under the shingles, the minerals in the water that is stagnate after the ice dams melt could be causing white lines. This could make it look like there are clouds on your roof. This causes white lines and a chalky residue, and it can cause a lot of other problems. Have the roof looked at for water and ice damages, and ask the professionals about ice dams.


The roof could be like that because of sun exposure, and if the asphalt roofing grains are starting to wear off. This can make the roofing shingles weak, and can reduce the heating and cooling efficiency in your home, along with discolour the shingles. Talk with the roofing contractors to see if the shingles have been compromised because of the weather, and to see if they need to be replaced.


A serious and common problem with roofs that have gotten wet is mold, and this can cause the shingles on the roof to become discoloured. If you are dealing with mold you don't want it to get into the wood that is underneath the shingles, along with throughout the insulation, attic, and other materials throughout the roof and the home.

The roof is one of the most protective and important units on your home, and you want to have it inspected if you suspect that something is wrong, and if you can see that there are discolored shingles. The roofing contractors should be able to give you an estimate to replace the shingles that are damaged, and to replace all of the shingles on the roof if the time has passed and you are ready for an update.

Talk about getting newer energy efficient shingles, panels or other roofing options, and about getting new insulation and ventilation options at the same time. 


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