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What to Consider When Choosing a Door Closer

Elizabeth Mendoza

When it comes to a commercial door, the door closer is just as important as the door itself. Choose the wrong type of door closer and you could see an increase in your heating and cooling costs, an increased security risk and even worse, you could be creating a safety hazard. If you are planning to update the doors in the near future, make sure you know how to choose a closer.

Code Requirements

Start by researching the local building code requirements. In some areas, you are required to choose a closer based on certain factors, including the local climate, level of traffic volume and type of business you're operating. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure you have a door that doesn't just function well based on your needs, but one that is also safe.

For example, in terms of the type of business you're operating, if you were operating a business that primarily catered to children or the elderly, you may be required to choose a closer that is easier to open and that closes slowly, rather than quickly, to minimize the risk for injury.


Even if you aren't regulated under a door closer building code, it's still important to consider the level of volume that the door will need to accommodate. If you have a low-level of traffic that you expect, you can get away with just about any type of closer.

However, if you expect to have a high level of traffic through the door, an overhead or floor-spring door closer is going to be the better option. Both of these options are very durable, which means that they will last longer, even with the increased traffic.


The last thing to consider is appearance. Even though a door is primarily thought to be a functional component of the business, this doesn't mean you want it to be an eyesore.

If you're looking for an option that completely blends in with the door itself, you want to consider a concealed closer as this option fits recessed into the door frame and isn't visible. This option is typically best for a front door because it serves as less of a distraction.

Make certain you're taking your time when investigating which door closer system is best for you. Not only will this effort ensure you have a more efficiently operating door, but also a safer one. To learn more, visit resources like http://sjdoorinc.com.


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