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The Best Ground Covers For The Worst Conditions

Elizabeth Mendoza

When you have gaps in your gardening, you may find that it is difficult to fill these gaps because of how dry your property is or because of other harsh conditions. If this is the case, you should look into tougher ground covers that are able to thrive in your harsh landscape.

Highly Acidic

If your soil is very acidic, it is best to try to raise the pH of your soil. However, there are still some great ground covers for acidic soil, such as the pink running pussy-toes. These flowers are often chewed on by caterpillars, but this only means that you will soon have a lot of butterflies in your yard.

Very Dry

If your yard is very dry, you will need very drought-tolerant plants such as thyme. This plant is an herb that can be used in cooking. But even if you just want to grow it, the herb will make  your yard smell wonderful. These plants are best placed in-between stepping stones. They will give your yard a splash of green.

Shady And Dry

If you have a very shady spot, it can be difficult to grow any plants. All plants need some sun. Look for ways that you can add a little sun to a completely shaded area or look for other alternatives to decorate that spot besides using plants. In areas that have partial shade, though, and that are very dry, you can still grow periwinkle. These produce delightful indigo flowers. Also, if you would like to add a better fragrance to the area, one option is to plant Oregon grape. These plants produce yellow flowers and purple berries. Sweet woodruff consists of green leaves and white flowers. 

Sunny And Dry

If you have an area that is difficult to keep moist because it is very sunny and dry, with any water quickly evaporating, it is a good idea to find plants that love the sun and can handle dry conditions. For the driest conditions, plant rockrose if you would like to add colorful foliage. If you would like to add some silver-grey, plant snow-in-summer. Moss phlox will add a splash of purple, pink and white. And one of the toughest options of all is butterfly weed. This is a bright orange plant that attracts monarch butterflies. Once you have established it, you should leave it in place because this plant has a deep taproot. 

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