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Choosing A Wireless Fire Monitoring System - Tips To Overcome Some Of The Drawbacks

Elizabeth Mendoza

If you want an advanced alarm system inside your home, then you may choose to have a fire alarm monitoring device installed. Traditional monitoring devices are wired varieties that require significant installation. Wireless systems are not hardwired. This makes them cheaper to install, easier to use, and less expensive. While wireless systems have many benefits, they do have some drawbacks. Keep reading to learn about them and how you can avoid the challenges of wireless fire alarm monitoring system.

Battery Requirements

Wired fire alarm monitoring systems use electrical wiring to power the control panel as well as the receivers. Unfortunately, this is an issue if a fire breaks out in your home. The electrical system is often compromised soon after a fire starts, and this can mean that the local fire department will not be notified of the fire in time.

Wireless systems do not require electricity. However, they do use batteries. The main control panel as well as each alarm or receiver will need battery power. Depending on the type of system you have, the units will require a single AA, C, or another special type of battery specific to the system. Fortunately, most systems meet UL standards and work for a full year on a single battery. This means that the batteries do not need to be changed often.

Also, many systems have alarms or low battery messages that tell you when the batteries need to be changed. If your system does not alert you in some may, then make it a habit to check all parts of the system on a monthly basis. This way you will notice fairly quickly when batteries die. If your units use standard sized batteries, then make sure to buy longer lasting lithium batteries. Also, varieties that are labeled as ultra or maximum power are likely to last longer as well. 

Whatever type of battery you choose, make sure to test them before placing them in your units. This way you can be sure that you have fully charged batteries that will last as long as you need them. Also, test the main panel as well as each separate monitor once batteries are exchanged. 

No Outside Alerts

Some wireless fire alarm monitoring systems are alarm systems only. This means that they alert you to a fire, like a regular alarm system, but they do not alert an outside individual about the fire. These systems are simply advanced and integrated devices that work in the same way as if you put numerous smoke alarms in your home. The advantage to this system is that the main control panel can tell you quickly where the fire is. 

The basic fire monitoring systems are very different than the wired units that are attached to the telephone line in your home. If you want a system like this, then you can buy a wireless system that alerts the fire department in an emergency situation. These systems can be integrated with your cell phone or with your wireless internet connection. Some of the systems can even send alerts to your smart phone, tablet, or another device. If you use this type of application-enabled system, then you may need to contact the fire department yourself once you are alerted. 

Due to the advancements in technology, you do have a variety of different options available to you. Keep in mind that fully monitored systems will typically require you to pay for an outside service. The service will monitor any incoming alerts from your system and alert emergency personnel. Some systems can be integrated with home security systems or hard wired components that are already inside your home, so look into this if you already have a security system.

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