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How To Safely Remove Ice From Your Windshield

Elizabeth Mendoza

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow and ice in the winter, you know how frustrating it is when you accidentally scratch your windshield trying to remove it. It is not only important that you learn proper methods for removing ice so you can drive safely, but also so that you don't damage your windshield and then have to get it repaired. Here are some easy and safe methods for removing ice from your windshield.

Get an Ice Scraper

One thing you should always have in your car is an ice scraper. This is one of the only tools that can remove ice safely from a windshield, regardless of the weather outside. You don't want to make the mistake of using any sharp edge to remove ice, as most materials will be able to scratch the windshield. However, ice scrapers are made specifically for window glass, so they are completely safe to use. Just make sure you use the right side and you pay attention to the edge of the scraper. When it starts to get dull, you want to buy a new one.

Try Warm Water

This is something you can try as long as it is not cold outside still. This is better when you have leftover ice from cold weather the night before, but it is currently warm outside. The ice is likely a little bit softer on the windshield, so it is going to be easier to remove. All you need to do is get it warm enough to melt more easily so you can use your windshield wipers and be on your way. However, be very careful to only use warm water and not hot water. If you use hot water on a cold windshield, you could crack it and cause a lot of damage. This is typically only a good method if you don't have access to an ice scraper.

Let the Car Warm Up

Another thing you can do if you don't have an ice scraper handy is to let your car warm up, which should also allow the ice to melt enough to be able to wipe it away with a cloth or other safe object. Warming the car up is also good to try before using an ice scraper, as it helps make the ice softer so that you aren't working quite as hard to remove it. Let your car warm up for several minutes, then use a scraper to remove the ice still left on your windshield.

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