A New Kitchen

A New Kitchen

4 Ways To Keep Your Industrial Complex More Secure

Elizabeth Mendoza

If you own or manage an industrial complex and you have been having issues with people who have no business with your company coming on site, it is time to reevaluate your security protocols. Having a tall, secure fence is a good deterrent, but unfortunately, really determined intruders may attempt other means of slipping in unnoticed. Make a difference in the number of unauthorized personnel occurrences you have at your industrial complex by enacting these four smart security upgrades.

1. Put In A Guard Post - It doesn't have to be fancy, but your guard post should be sturdy and identifiable from afar. Hiring guards to man your security post is best, but even if it stays empty every now and then, unwanted guests won't be as likely to come on your property.

2. Check Your Fencing - If there are any holes along your fence, you may have issues with unauthorized visitors coming in and leaving whenever they want. Hire a fence company to patch up any holes that you have, reinforce your fencing, or even replace it with a material that is harder for outsiders to breach. You may need to add barbed wire to the top of your fence if can easily be climbed. Click here for more info on fencing.

3. Install Automated Gates - Having a fence that surrounds your industrial complex fully will work well to keep your property secure, but you also have to have authority over how people get inside. A simple locking gate may be appropriate if you don't have many workers or visitors coming through, since a gate that stays open during business owners is about as effective as not having a fence at all.

Utilizing an automated gate makes it easy for cars and trucks to come in and out without needing to send down someone to manually open your gate. Choose an automated gate option that enables you to open and close the entrance from inside of your facilities. Having an access road that can easily be opened and closed off may become even more important in case you need to have the police or emergency services come to your property.

4. Begin Validating Credentials - You may not need to start issuing security badges with microchips installed, but having your security detail give the credentials of every visitor a once-over is a good start. Since you don't want unauthorized persons casually driving or walking into your industrial complex, there needs to be an organized system for verifying the identities of all visitors.


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