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A New Kitchen

3 Reasons Why Construction Surveying Is Essential

Elizabeth Mendoza

Before any construction project can take place, whether it is a modest home that is being built or a huge commercial or industrial structure that is in the works, construction surveying has to happen. Basically, for construction surveying, an experienced commercial surveyor comes out and marks off the area of the property on which building will take place. These are a few reasons why this is such an essential step.

1. Make Sure the Land is Properly Prepared

It can be difficult to visualize how large a building will be once it is constructed when you are looking at a bare piece of land. Once the area where the home or other structure will be built is marked off by a construction surveyor, however, this is much easier to see. This allows those who are involved in the building process to see things like whether or not the building process will be affected by the slope of the land. This allows proper planning to have the ground graded or otherwise altered so that the building process can go smoothly.

2. Get the Necessary Permits

With most building projects, it is necessary to have permits from the local government. In order to secure these permits, construction surveying is often required first. This is because the inspector who comes out to take a look at the property and the building plans will be better able to identify what is being done so that he or she can give permission or advise changes to the building plans.

3. Avoid Property Line Disputes

The last thing that anyone wants to deal with while in the middle of a building project is finding out that the structure that is being built has been built on the wrong side of the property line. In an ideal situation, all properties would be nice and square and would be large enough for what is being built on them. This is not always the case, however, and property line disputes can become a real issue. By having a construction surveyor come out before the building process gets started, it is easier to determine whether or not there will be a property line problem.

As you can see, construction surveying truly is an essential part of the pre-construction process. If you are planning on having a home or other structure built, you will not want to skip the construction surveying process. Instead, you'll want to take it seriously and choose the right surveyor.


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