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Let Go Of These Outrageous Misconceptions About Sprinkler Systems

Elizabeth Mendoza

Do you own a business property?  If so, you may have concerns about protecting your property from fires. Perhaps your business is related to an industry where fires are common such as in the restaurant industry. Even if your business is not considered a high risk for fire, a tragedy such as an electrical fire or a fire at a nearby business could still result in property damage for you. Some business owners rely solely on fire extinguishers. This is sometimes due to misconceptions about sprinkler systems and their usefulness. The following are a few misconceptions that you may have heard and explanations that prove they are untrue.

Sprinkler systems cause more damage than fires

While it is true that an activated sprinkler system can leave behind water damage, it is important to compare that to what can happen if a small fire spreads and consumes a building. The damages posed by a sprinkler system are likely minimal when compared to the devastation of a fire that results in complete property loss.

Fire extinguishers are a better option because they allow a controlled method of eradicating fires

It is important to note that you may be able to extinguish a small fire with a fire extinguisher if it occurs when you are at your business, but if a fire occurs outside of your business hours and no one is available to extinguish it, then the building could burn to the ground. Whereas, a sprinkler system will initiate and put out fires regardless of whether you are in your business or not. 

Massive amounts of water are released in the entire building when a fire is detected

Each sprinkler is designed to initiate based upon the radius of the fire it is responding to. For example, if a fire were to start in a break room, then the sprinkler system within that area would initiate, but sprinklers located elsewhere would not because they would not be within the break room's radius. Keep in mind that the sprinkler systems also have alarms. This means that the fire department will be notified when the system engages, and they will be able to shut off the sprinkler system when they arrive.

Sprinkler systems may activate erroneously and cause unnecessary water damage

Each sprinkler head has to detect a certain temperature before they will emit water. It is also important to note that sprinkler heads do not initiate without reason. A fire and a detectable temperature are what will cause each head to initiate on its own.

A fire sprinkler installer is a good resource to use to better understand how to protect your business with a sprinkler system. For more information, contact local professionals like Fire Extinguisher Service Center.


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