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A New Kitchen

Commercial Roof Replacement: Seven Important Considerations

Elizabeth Mendoza

Because the scope of a commercial roof replacement project dwarfs that of a residential roof replacement, small mistakes and missteps can quickly become costly when extrapolated to cover the entirety of the project. To keep the costs associated with commercial roof replacement within your budget, you must think carefully about your goals and discuss them with your contractor so that he or she can turn them into reality. 

Your representative will discuss your specific needs in detail, but spend some time considering the following seven factors that will influence your roof's needs, performance, and durability.

Temperature – The minimum and maximum temperatures of the area will significantly influence both the material costs and the labor costs of the roof. It is important to understand that this refers to both the ambient temperatures around the building, as well as the surface temperatures of the roof.

Location – Generally, buildings located in dense urban areas present greater logistical concerns (which often manifests in higher costs) than buildings in suburban or rural areas do. Additionally, roof replacement is often more expensive for buildings without appropriate parking for work crews, loading docks, freight elevators, and similar assets, than it is for those that do possess these things.

Wind Exposure – The winds buffeting tall buildings necessitate the use of stronger adhesives and more durable roofing materials than are required for one- or two-story structures. Average wind speeds are a very important consideration for buildings in coastal areas.  

Aesthetics – If your roof is visible from the surrounding buildings or it is used by the general public, style, color and texture become important considerations. Conversely, you may not feel a pretty roof is a necessity if it is only seen by the occasional maintenance crew.

Nature of the Inventory – The stakes for some roofs are higher than they are for others. If a leak develops in the roof of a warehouse full of durable goods, the losses may be quite minor; conversely, the same leak may lead to severe financial losses if the inventory is easily damaged by water.

Long-Term Plan – Your plan for the building – especially the length of time you intend to own the building – is an important consideration, which will influence your budget and decisions about extended warranties.

Local Building Codes – Your roofing contractor (such as Danny Odom & Son Roofing) will help ensure you comply with local building codes; but in the interest of maximizing your time, it is wise to investigate the building codes on your own first. This will prevent you from wasting time devising plans that the local government prohibits. 


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