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Four Unique Garage Door Styles For Your Modern Home Design

Elizabeth Mendoza

If your home exterior has a trendy, modern design, you don't want to just put up a generic vinyl garage door. There are many unique styles of modern garage doors that will enhance the look of your home while dong their job of securing your garage. Here are a few ideas to use as inspiration.

Thin Wooden Slats

Wood is often thought of as a more traditional material, but when you use it in the right way, it can look trendy and contemporary. Consider a garage door made of many thin, horizontally stacked wooden slats. The slats are attached to one another on tiny hinges, so the door can "bend" as it is rolled up and down. This style looks wonderful with more country-style homes or homes that have been built primarily with natural materials. To enhance the look even further, you can have the custom door maker alternate between two or three different wood finishes when building the door. This will give your door a "striped" appearance.

Frosted Glass

A garage door made entirely of glass will really make your home stand out from the crowd. The simple, clean look of glass makes it a popular component of modern designs. When you choose frosted glass, your privacy is protected (people cannot see into the garage), but natural sunlight is still allowed to stream in.

When you have a garage door made from a single glass panel, you do have to choose a less-conventional opening method. Some doors of this style hinge open to one side, while others "flip" up. You can also choose doors made from two glass panels that come together in the middle like double doors. These two doors can either swing outward on hinges or retract into the garage walls like pocket doors.

Etched Steel

If your home has more of an industrial style with geometric architecture and a lot of metal, consider a steel garage door. You can have the steel etched with a pattern to add a bit of interest. A checkered or lined pattern is a good basic one to start with. You could even have a symbol associated with your interests etched into the steel. For example, if you love rowing, you could have a faint image of a boat etched into the steel. The monochromatic look maintains simplicity, but the etching draws more attention than would plain, flat metal.

If you have your steel door made from several horizontal panels connected with hinges, you can integrate it with a traditional, roll-up garage opener. However, you could certainly choose two side-by-side panels that open to the side on hinges if you prefer.

Custom-Made, Naturally Textured Fiberglass

Fiberglass garage doors are preferred by many homeowners because they are well insulated and will reduce energy costs if you heat and cool your home. Yet, most of the mass-manufactured fiberglass doors sold in home improvement stores are pretty plain and will look out of place on a fancier home. If you work with a custom garage door manufacturer, they can construct a custom fiberglass door that has a brick or wood-like texture and thus adds more unique interest to your home. If your home has more of an artsy vibe, fiberglass is a great choice because you can get it in bright colors. And, fiberglass garage doors are almost always made to be compatible with overhead, roll-up garage door openers.

Don't settle for a mass-made, boring, vinyl garage door. Enhance your modern home's exterior by choosing a custom fiberglass, etched steel, frosted glass, or wood slat garage door. Learn more about these and other options by talking to your local garage door company or visiting http://www.shankdoor.com.


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