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A Surprising Necessity For Your Garage Band – Spray Foam Insulation

Elizabeth Mendoza

If you've got a garage band, it's a safe bet that you spend a lot of time holed up in your garage practicing and performing. While most musicians know the essentials of a good band – the best brand of instruments, a few good vocalists, handy water bottles, staff paper, comfy chairs, extra drumsticks, etc. – one necessity for the garage is often overlooked. It's called spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is a great asset to your musical career. It addresses 2 essentials when it comes to being a musician at home: protecting your instruments and keeping your family happy.

Protecting Your Instruments

Every musician knows that exposing a musical instrument to extremes in temperatures is bad for the instrument. Warm air loosens guitar strings and drum tension, causing them to go out of tune and giving them a buzzing tone. Cold air could result in broken strings and too-taut drums. Other instruments are affected as well. And while keeping your instruments in a protective case when not in use helps, it doesn't completely shield them from the garage's temperature changes. Once you pull them out to play, you have another problem – without good insulation, you will have to take time between numbers to retune and retighten your instruments.

One way to insulate the garage is to use spray foam. You can put it in the sections of your garage door without impeding the way it opens and closes. It can also go along the inner walls to prevent heat or cool air from leaking into the garage from outer walls (it's recommended that you do this inside the wall and cover with drywall for fire safety, but that step isn't required). Spray foam will help maintain the temperature of your garage and protect your instruments. It also provides a more comfortable setting to play in since you won't have to bundle up in the winter or wear as little as possible in the summer.

Keeping Your Family Happy

Being part of a garage band is pretty sweet. You have a big space to do what you love – perform! However, this career (or awesome hobby) often comes at the expense of those closest to you. Your family might not appreciate that you vent your frustrations at the drum set and rattle the house when you practice the bass. They might not recognize your brilliance in songwriting because they can't see past the fact that your inspiration hit at 2 in the morning and you couldn't go back to sleep until trying out the electric guitar solo. In other words, even though you are in the garage, you are heard throughout the house.

This is another area where spray foam insulation comes into play. Not only does it insulate the garage and help maintain inside temperatures, but it can act as a soundproof barrier, as well. Spray foam is a soft material that absorbs sound easily, so spraying your walls (and the ceiling if necessary) can really make a difference. Your family might seem more supportive of you if they get to hear your finished pieces more and your practice sessions less.

Spray foam insulation is often overlooked by members of a garage band. However, it should be on your "Necessities of a Good Garage Band" list. Spray foam insulation helps maintain temperatures in the garage, which protects your instruments and keeps you comfortable as you play. It can also appease your family by blocking the sound of what they deem noise (though you know it's musical brilliance). Good temperatures and effective soundproofing are two essentials for the at-home musician. To learn more about getting better insulation for your garage, visit http://biosenv.com/


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