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4 Tips To Improve Your Shower's Water Pressure

Elizabeth Mendoza

Few people want to enter the shower only to be met with the light sprinkling of soft, rain-like droplets falling from their showerhead. Instead, you most likely want a shower that offers a powerful flow of water cascading from your showerhead to your body. Unfortunately, you might not have the water pressure that you desire currently. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can increase your pressure in order to get the high-powered water flow that you desire. 

Soak Your Showerhead

The problem with your water pressure might not lie with your house's water system, but with your showerhead. Especially in areas that are prone to hard water, deposits can build up on the showerhead, blocking the proper flow of water from the showerhead. If you are feeling thrifty, remove your showerhead and soak it overnight in white vinegar. The vinegar should break down the deposits on the showerhead. The next morning, use a coarse scrub brush and firmly scrub the head in order to remove the stubborn deposits. Reattach your showerhead and see if that has made a difference. If you have had your showerhead for a long time, you might want to go out and buy a whole new showerhead. If doing this doesn't improve your water pressure, you may need to take further measures.

Tamper With The Flow Regulator 

Most showers have flow regulators in place in order to conserve the amount of water used by the shower. If you don't mind paying a bit more on your water bill, then you can remove this flow regulator for almost instant improved water pressure. First, you need to remove the showerhead. Once the showerhead has been removed, peer inside the pipe that the head attaches to. If you have a regulator, you should see it just beyond the opening of a pipe. It looks like a washer, with a smaller-than-normal sized hose. Use some pliers and gently pull the regulator out. Reattach your showerhead and bask in your improved water pressure. Be warned, however, this might increase your electric and water bill due to the increased energy needed to heat the excess water, as well as the fact that you will most likely be using more water than normal every time you shower. 

Clean Out Your Pipes

Low water pressure can be caused by a buildup of sediment, hair, dirt and grime in your pipes. If there is a large enough amount of buildup, it can severely limit your water pressure. Detach the pipes and use a store-bought drain cleaner, or soak the pipes in vinegar overnight and then rinse. If you have older pipes, you will most likely need to have them replaced, as the deposits will not be easy to remove on your own. 

Purchase A Water Pressure Booster Pump

Sometimes the water pressure of your home as a whole is just quite low, and you can't really improve the pressure overall without doing an extensive overhaul of your plumping system. Luckily, you can improve your water pressure in your bathroom quite easily by purchasing a water pressure booster pump. These pumps can be attached to your main water meter to increase the water pressure of your whole house, or they can be attached specifically to the pipes that feed the water into the bathroom. The pump increases the water pressure by pooling the water inside of a bladder system attached to the pump. It then uses highly compressed air to send the water through the pipes, resulting in a strong, pressurized flow of water. 

If you try these tips and find that you are still without water that is pressurized to your liking, give your local a plumber a call to see what they can do for you. Often, new pipes will help the water flow more strongly through your system, or he may have further insights into some more quick fixes for your weak water pressure.  Visit http://www.cblucashvac.com for more information. 


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