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Two Common Aspects Of Residential Garage Door Service

Elizabeth Mendoza

Your residential garage door is a complex device with movable parts that may wear down and break over time. Over time, your garage door may require repair or routine maintenance work by a trained technician. Here are two services your garage door expert may offer:

1. Routine Maintenance

Think of this service as a tune up for your garage door. An annual inspection and maintenance work may prevent serious issues later that could cost you a lot of money, or possibly be a safety hazard. During this maintenance, your technician will most likely perform what is referred to as a safety check. It might include the following:

  • Garage Door Panel Inspection: The technician will most likely inspect the panels for signs of damage. If there are loose boards or broken panels, they will need to be repaired or replaced.

  • Lubrication: If torsion springs do not move freely, the technician may lubricate them. Additionally, hinges and rollers may be lubricated to prevent squeaks.

  • Garage Door Track Cleaning: Routine inspection of the garage door track is necessary to maintain proper functioning. All that may be needed is a thorough cleaning. This may be done with a cloth, moistened with soapy lukewarm water. It must be completely dried after cleaning, therefore the technician will wipe it down with a dry cloth.

  • Weatherstripping: The maintenance may include installation of weather seals along the garage door jambs and thresholds. This helps prevent drafts and keep your home energy efficient. The weather stripping materials are often made of nylon, polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC.

2. Repair and Replacement Work

Garage door repair services will vary according to the need. Homeowners may call a repair service or contractor when their garage doors fail to operate correctly or show signs of damage. Most commonly, technicians will replace or repair broken torsion springs, broken cables, rollers and opener remote controls. The following is an in-depth look at these services:

  • Torsion Spring Replacement: Whether the garage employs a single or double door, the torsion springs are under a great amount of pressure, and to ensure safety, broken springs should be replaced by a professional. Technicians will utilize the tools and personal safety equipment necessary for this task. When replacing the springs, the technician may use a ladder to reach the top of the garage. Additionally, gloves and safety glasses may be worn.

    To ensure the correct size, the technician will compare measurements of the new springs with the old. Technicians use half-inch winding bars, vice grips and socket wrenches when replacing torsion springs. To remove the broken springs, the technician will insert the winding bar into the winding cone. New torsion springs are installed by threading it onto the designated shaft.

  • Garage Door Cable Replacement: At the bottom of your garage door, brackets are installed. You may notice these brackets on both sides of the door. Attached to these brackets are cables. The top of the cables attach to what is known as a cable drum. During everyday use, wear and tear on the cables may necessitate replacement.

    If you notice frayed cables or a section that has become loosened from the drum, you should contact a technician for repair. When the cables break, the garage door will not function properly, and may also be a safety hazard. When replacing garage door torsion cables, they are wound around the drum in a precise manner.

  • Roller Repair or Replacement: Think of the rollers as mini-wheels for the garage door. If the wheels break, come loose or stop rolling, your garage door may not open. Although roller repair is a relatively easy task for an expert, he or she may do so with the door in the "up" position to minimize tension. When repairing a loose roller or replacing it completely, it will need to slide into the garage door hinge.

  • Garage Door Opener Remote Repair: If your garage door malfunctions, you might look to the opener remote as the cause. This control unit includes buttons and intricate wiring. In some cases, the contacts inside the battery case may be dirty or wet. A simple cleaning of the case may fix the issue. The technician may need to use sandpaper to file away grit or rust. If this doesn't solve the problem, cleaning the eye covering on the remote may be effective. This "eye" covers the infrared signal and must be free of dirt and grime to operate correctly. However, if the covering is badly damaged, the remote may not be salvageable. The solution is to replace it.

In conclusion, keep safety in mind when dealing with garage door repairs. If you are inexperienced, leave the work to a professional. The experts are trained to use the proper techniques when dealing with potentially dangerous components. For more information, contact a local residential garage door service company. 


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