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Dock Construction: How To Get The Dock Permit For Your Small Angling Company

Elizabeth Mendoza

If you're ready to get your small angling company off the ground, be sure to invest in a new dock. You need a safe place to store your fishing boat when you're not out on the water. The dock may also keep your boat safely secured during seasonal hurricanes and snowstorms. Before you actually build your dock for your angling boat, you need to obtain a building permit. Here's how you do it.

Obtain Your Commercial Dock Permit

Unless your dock or marine contractors do this for you, you need to obtain dock-building permit from the city or county you plan to provide angling services in. You also need the permit if you live or work in a boating community or marina. The permit allows you to place the dock on the property extending from your business or home to the marina or lake you need to use for your angling business.

Since you plan to use the dock for business purposes and not private or residential boating, you need to obtain a commercial dock permit. A commercial dock permit contains your business' name, location and permit designation or number. In addition, you only receive a permit that fits the size, location and features of your boat dock. For instance, if your angling company has only one charter or fishing boat, you will receive a permit for the space needed to house that boat.

If you plan to add more boats to your business in the future, you may want to obtain a permit for a larger space. You should go over the requirements for your dock, as well as any future plans for other docks, with your contractor prior to getting the permit. Keep in mind you can't receive the permit if you don't provide the size of your dock at the time of your application.

Generally, the county or city bases your permit's fees on the size of the dock. If you're unsure about the exact size of your new dock, ask your marine contractor for an estimate. Also, obtain copies of your dock-building plans from your contractor. The plans should list the amount of land and water you need to utilize for the project, as well as any possible problems, such as eroded shoreline that may interfere with your project. You may need to show the city or county the plans when you complete your application. After you speak to your dock contractor, you can go ahead and get your permits. 

Complete Your Dock Permit Application

You must go through different steps to obtain your new commercial dock permit. However, if you know what to do ahead of time, the process can be relatively simple. Here's what you do:

  • Visit your local city hall or county office - You typically don't need to make an appointment to pick up a dock-building application, unless you need to speak to someone about how to submit the application or pay the fees for it.
  • Ask for a commercial application - Present a copy of your dock contractor's estimate of the space needed to build your dock, as well as the correct address for the lake, marina or other location you plan to use for the dock. The city or county representative may ask for the name of your company, which goes on the top of the permit.
  • Complete the application and pay your fees - You generally pay your fees when you turn in the application. By doing so, you protect yourself from fines if the county or city says you didn't pay your dock-building fees.

You may also want to keep in mind that the application fees for commercial dock permits vary for each state, city or county in the United States. Additionally, the size and location of your boat dock may influence how much you pay for your permit. Be sure to call ahead and ask the city or county about the fees for your particular construction project. It normally takes several weeks before you receive the permit for your project, so having everything done now saves you time later.

Getting your angling company off the ground isn't easy. But with the right commercial dock permit, you can build a dock that keeps your boat and company safe. If you have concerns or questions about your dock or permit, contact your dock contractor for assistance.


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