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Look On The Bright Side: Pole-Mounted Solar Panels Make The Most Of The Sunshine

Elizabeth Mendoza

If you care about the environment and want to slash your monthly energy bill, solar panels are one of the best investments you can make. However, not all panels are created equal: the way a panel is mounted can drastically affect its efficacy and your savings. If you're planning to add solar panels to your home, consider the benefits of choosing a pole-mounted installation.

Bring Solar Energy To The Smallest Of Spaces

Unlike ground mounts comprised of short, wide supportive structures for a solar panel, pole mounts can be installed even in tight spaces. Poles need only about a square foot of room on the ground for installation, since the area that houses the panels will extend up into the sky. If your back garden is cramped or if you barely have space around your house for solar panels to be installed, using a pole mount can be an excellent way to economize your space.

Mounting poles can even be installed going through the walls of your home or pressed up against the house as necessary. In some cases, you may be able to save on installation costs by using the preexisting foundation of your home to help secure larger poles. As an added bonus, integrating a pole-mounting system has been shown to harvest more energy than opting for rooftop panel installation.

Give Yourself Room To Grow

Solar panel mounting poles are available in a variety of lengths to suit your present and future energy needs. Whether you hope to only generate enough solar power to handle a part of your home's energy, or you want to take in enough power to sell the extra back to energy companies, installing tall poles will give you the room you need to expand your own miniature solar farm.

Part of the reason multiple panels of various sizes are supported by the same pole is that solar mounting poles are highly stabilized. When you have a new pole installed, you can choose to have it buried deep in the ground for maximum stability or ballasted at the bottom with weights to get the most usable length. Whether ballasted or buried, poles are sturdy enough to support up to a dozen small solar panels, so you'll never have to worry about running out of spaces to install new ones.

Track The Sun Without Lifting A Finger

While panels mounted on poles can simply be fixed in position, mounting them this way makes it easy to convert to tracking panels.

When you harvest solar energy, you get the most out of the sun if your panel is pointed directly at it. For many solar power users, this entails manually adjusting the angle of fixed panels every season and accepting some loss in efficiency throughout the day. Tracking panels, on the other hand, are programmed to follow the sun in every season and in any weather, ensuring your solar cells get as much sunlight as possible.

For a solar technician and even a homeowner, hooking up tracking systems to pole-mounted panels is a breeze. Cables can be run through the pole itself for protection, or attached securely to the outside of it for easy access. Because poles do not block the sides or top of your solar panels, they'll be able to move freely throughout the day in order to face the sun. Best of all, solar tracking allows you to skip manual angle adjustments on your panel.

Tracking systems have been shown to significantly increase panel efficiency, regardless of weather type or season, so they can be considered both a convenience and an investment.

Saving mother earth and saving yourself some money don't have to be exclusive goals. With pole-mounted solar panels, you'll be able to cut costs, expand whenever you like, and harvest huge amounts of free energy from the sun. If you're interested in finding out more about solar panels, contact your local solar experts today. You won't regret it.

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